December 5, 2014


Diplomat: Hamas “Only Acting to Serve an Islamist Interest”

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An Egyptian diplomat told Egypt’s weekly Al-Ahram newspaper that Hamas’s militant extremism, together with that of Hizbollah and other radical Islamist groups, are preventing peace with Israel:

“Hamas and other Islamist groups are only acting to serve an Islamist and not a national interest. We cannot tolerate this. We certainly cannot tolerate what we have evidence to believe it is a coordinated effort between Hamas and other radical Islamic groups in the region — not necessarily ISIS but certainly Hizbollah, which is a militant group.”

Egypt knows Islamist extremism first-hand, having fought with the country’s Muslim Brotherhood for years.

September 4, 2013


Hamas, Hezbollah Agents Tried to Get CIA Jobs: Report

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HamasAccording to a document that the Washington Post says it obtained from former CIA contractor Edward Snowden, in a certain group of people who sought jobs with the CIA had backgrounds that raised questions, “roughly one out of every five had “significant terrorist and/or hostile intelligence connections.’”

These connections reportedly included ties to Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, and other known Islamist terrorist groups.

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