January 1, 2009


Nizar Rayan, Hamas Military Commander, Killed

Nizar Rayan, a senior Hamas military commander was successfully eliminated by the IDF today.

A proponent of using civilian human shields to protect wanted Hamas members, on November 19, 2006, Hamas’ Rayan promised on Palestinian TV that the terrorist group would use “the bodies and souls” of [Palestinian] civilians to protect the houses of terrorists (he called them “jihad fighters”).

Nizar Rayan, a senior Hamas military figure on terror training excercises in GazaRayan was a senior political-military liaison for Hamas.

According to Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, IDF officials confirmed that:

[A] one-ton bomb was used to attack Rayan’s home, and that weapons stored inside set off secondary explosions. Eleven other people, including two of Rayan’s four wives and four of his 12 children, also died, Palestinian health officials said kamagra from canada.

Rayan purportedly helped train and mold Hamas suicide bombers. Picture (below) show him emerging from, and standing by what appear to be heavily fortified Hamas tunnels in Gaza — the same tunnels that Hamas tries to persuade public opinion into thinking that they are used solely to smuggle food and medicine into Gaza, while in reality, their existence is overseen by Hamas and used to smuggle in sophisticated military equipment like long-range Grad missiles used to target Israeli cities from inside Gaza.

In May, the respected London-based Arab newspaper Asharq Alawsat reported on a high-level meeting between Iran’s and Hamas figurehead Khaled Meshaal. The alarming report stated that Iranian Brigadier General Ahmad Wahid — a key leader of the country’s missile program — promised Meshal that Iran would “provide very advanced missiles that are currently being produced at the Martyr Bakiri Complex in Tehran especially for Hamas.”

Hamas terror leader Nizar Rayan emerging from apparently fortified tunnel in Gaza

Here is a video of Nizar Rayan

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