June 11, 2008


Hamas Terror Chief Tells Arab States to Befriend Iran

The Iranian press maintains that Hamas Political Bureau Chief and Khaled Meshaal spoke from Damascus, Syria last week, coming to the defense of his terror group’s love for Iran (continued below)

Arab and Islamic countries should consolidate their unity and distinguish friend from foe, he said while addressing a ceremony held in the Syrian capital, Damascus, to commemorate the demise anniversary of the Founder of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, the late Imam Khomeni.

Iran has long-standing relationship with Hamas, providing the terrorist group with military and guerilla warfare training, a steady supply of weapons, as well as financial support.

May 31, 2008


Anti-Aircraft, Anti-Tank Weapons Destined for Gaza Seized by Egypt

Egyptian security forces seized a cache of heavy weapons in mountains roughly 48 miles south of Rafah the Gaza strip.
Israel, Gaza, and Egypt map
One report said that 30 anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank weapons, 3,000 bullets and rifles were confiscated, but that no suspects were caught.

Hamas’ weapons smuggling operations continue from Egypt into Gaza. The weapons, training, and support continues to come from Iran.

Given that Israel told Egypt that it’s Arab neighbor must halt smuggling of weapons and other materials into Gaza as a pre-condition to any possible ceasefire with Hamas, this incident should not come as a surprise.

Egyptian sources said that the mountain region where the weapons where discovered was also used by terrorist groups charged with the 2004 and 2005 bombings of Egyptian resorts in Taba and Sharm el-Sheikh.

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