November 6, 2008


Rahm Emmanuel on Hamas

Will President-elect Barack Obama see Hamas for what it really is: radical Islamists who use terrorism as a tool for their religious and political objectives?

It remains to be seen.

Rep. Rahm Emmanuel, President-elect Barack Obama\'s Chief of StaffBut Obama’s choice of Rep. Rahm Emmanuel (Dem. – IL) as his White House Chief of Staff may send a message to Hamas.

In 2007, Emmanuel reportedly said that “Fatah and Hamas are tearing the Palestinian area of the Gaza strip apart in what they call a political rivalry, and the Palestinian people are paying a price for Palestinian violence.”

In July 2007, Hamas seized rival Fatah security officials in the Gaza strip after a bomb attack killed 5 Hamas terrorist and one girl.

Imagine the U.S. Congress — a democratically elected legislature — trying to ‘resolve’ their differences by kidnapping or killing Representatives, Senators, staffers, and constituents, That is exactly how the Hamas terrorist organization operates.

Obama’s administration must look at Hamas for what it truly is: a ruthless terrorist group with a history of deadly attacks — a number of which have killed U.S. citizens.

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