September 1, 2008


Hamas Takes $20M A Month From Gaza Smuggling

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In a classic example of quid pro quo, Hamas reportedly snags at least $20 million each month from smuggling operations running into and out of the Gaza Strip.

According to a report in Haaretz by Avi Issacharoff, Hamas is even said to be trying to “place the smuggling operation between Egyptian and Palestinian Rafah on an official footing” by having special oil pipeline tunnels set up to get fuel in from Egypt.
Gaza tunnel smuggling: Source: AP
Arab sources say that Hamas’ civil defense chief Yousef al-Zahar and Rafah Mayor Issa al-Nashar were at a “conference organized by a Gazan human rights group under the banner: ‘The tunnels – advantages and disadvantages.’”

Hamas \'security\' at Rafah crossing with Egypal-Zahar and al-Nashar were said to have “praised the tunnels as important conduits for weapons for the “resistance,” [i.e., Hamas terrorist operations and those by other Palestinian terrorist groups inside Gaza] but also pointed to the dangers inherent in their operation.”

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